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Terroir, grape varieties
& craftsmanship

We aim to produce expressive, round and balanced champagnes that delight the taste buds.

They are made from 3 different varietals:
The PINOT MEUNIER, a dominant grape variety in the Marne Valley, brings bouquet and roundness.
The PINOT NOIR brings structure and length in the mouth.
Finally, the CHARDONNAY, a white grape variety, completes the blend with a touch of freshness and an ageing potential.

 Thus, terroir, varietals and craftsmanship allow us to offer Champagne wines of the highest quality.

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A Champagne Family

The estate was created in the 60's in Château-Thierry, by Robert Lété and Liliane Vautrain, his wife, who tied their surnames to give it its brand.

Their daughter, Michèle, and their son, Frédéric, developed the company afterwards.

In 2011, the estate was taken over by another Champagne family, the Baron-Fuenté family, a family with long-standing wine-making values in the Marne Valley.

Traditional “méthode champenoise”

As producers and wine-makers, we grow the eight hectares of vineyards, which are located on particularly well exposed limestone slopes, by ourselves

 We then continue, with the greatest care, the winemaking process of our harvest, according to the traditional Champagne method (the “méthode champenoise”)

Vigne automne et clocher Essomes sur Marne

The Marne Valley

Our eight-hectare vineyard stretches across the town of Château-Thierry and the neighboring village of Essômes-sur-Marne.

We also own two vineyards in Leuvrigny, near Epernay.


Our vineyards in early november.


The American monument overlooking our vineyards.


 The Marne Valley, west of Château-Thierry


Overlooking our vineyards, as their keeper, the Château-Thierry American Monument has a strong presence on our communication documents and, in a way, has become the symbol of our Champagne house.